200GB Super Fast 4G data for Spain, 1 Month

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- Best 4G internet services in Spain
- Sim 4G Internet (Pay As You Go 4G Plans)
- This price includes: 200GB for 30 days of Internet’s use
- Super Fast 4G internet
- Speed: 50Mbit/s
- Works anywhere in Spain
- Ideal for: Smartphone, iPad, USB modem, Tablet, Netbook or Mifi, Wifi

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150,00 € tax excl.

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Condition 200 GigaByte FOR 1 MONTH
This card is recommended for Customers who need lot 4G internet in Spain
Type Mobile Phone Sim Cards
Type of SIM card 3 in 1: Standart, Micro, Nano
Internet 4G
Include 200 Gigabyte
Renew cost 99€

200GB Super Fast 4G internet Prepaid Sim-card for Spain.




For all who need a mobile Internet in large quantities in Spain for work or leisure


- Access Internet on the largest cellular network in Spain
- Have your own wireless Internet connection all around Spain
- Keeps you connected everywhere in Spain thanks to the extensive 4G LTE and 3G network
- High speed internet connection
- No configuration required
- Mobile 4G Internet For Boats and Yachts in Spain.
- Prepaid Mobile 4G Internet for travel on a Caravan in Spain
- Prepaid Mobile 4G internet for Camping in Spain
- Mobile 4G Internet for watching TV. Youtube, Netflix and other videos in Spain

The residents of Spain, whose houses remained unconnected to ADSL Internet, have now the possibility to obtain full reliable access to global network in Spain or to connect to fast 4G Internet as well.


4G Internet is nowadays the most progressive and the fastest communication technology. 4G Internet will give you an opportunity to realize an instant search in global network and is able to keep the speed up to 50 Mb/s. Using fast 4G Internet you will be able to make an instant load of any websites, listen to your favorite music and watch films online, and to download any files as well.


1 gigabyte = 1024 megabytes, then 200 gigabyte = 204800 MB



- Price: 150

- Price includes: Prepaid Sim-card30 days of 4G Internet’s use 200GB

- Upon the expiry of 30 days, the renewal 200GB price for the Internet services costs: 99 pro month!

- You can pay for the extension here

- Activation of the SIM card occurs at your request on the Data you need (except Saturday and Sunday)



This card is recommended for: Customers who need Super Fast 4G internet in Spain




Download Speed: 50 mb/s.

Upload Speed: 25 mb/s.




Maximal speed in 4G network in Spain goes up to 50 mb/s. The average speed for users can be slightly lower and can  depend on the certain circumstances:

• Equipment characteristics;
• Landscape peculiarities and metrological conditions.




cover4g.png4G Internet in all Spain provinces over Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.

The leading Spanish operator provides the users with the regular and stable signal coverage across the whole territory of Spain, what makes possible to connect to the Internet from private homes, apartments, flats or from the office on any territory of Spain.


We offer you the fully wireless Internet connection and give you an access to the world of 4G Internet on any territory of Spain.


galochka123d.png Works on any territory of Spain

galochka123d.png Super Fast and instant 4G Internet.

galochka123d.png Being always connected to the Internet in Spain is the best solution!

galochka123d.png Delivery to any territory of Spain within an hour is available.

galochka123d.png 4G SIM-CARD unlimited It works on all 4g-3g Devices

galochka123d.png 4G-3G Internet provider guarantees you the secrecy of your personal data and has a high level of protection from any illegal access.

galochka123d.png Best 4G internet services in Spain


Very important: The SIM card is sent deactivated, for the activation of the same it is necessary that we provide a scanned (Foto)copy of the DNI / NIF / NIE / PASSPORT of the owner of the line. Without this documentation, the card can not be activated.


With tracking and drop-off without signature. If you prefer delivery by UPS Extra with required signature, an additional cost will be applied, so please contact us before choosing this method. Whichever shipment choice you make, we will provide you with a link to track your package online.