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- Prepaid sim-card Orange Mundo, Rate 6GB
- 6GB for 30 days of 4G Internet’s use in Spain and all Europe
- Renew cost: 15€
- Free Activation;
- It operates throughout Spain including the Europe, Canary Islands and Majorca islands
- Sim valid 12 months from last recharge in Spain, 4 months in Europe
- Ideal for: Smartphone, iPad, USB modem, Tablet, Netbook or Mifi, Wifi


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30,00 € tax excl.

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Condition New: A brand-new, unused, unopened and undamaged item in original retail packaging
This card is recommended for - 4G Internet and Calls in Europe and Spain
Type Mobile Phone Sim Cards
Type of SIM card 3 in 1: Standart, Micro, Nano
Internet 4G
Network Orange
Roaming Free Europe Roaming
Include 6GB
Renew cost 15€

Spanish ORANGE MUNDO RATE 6GB for 4G internet, prepaid SIM card (Free Roaming)

Ideal for holidays or business in Spain or Europe 4G internet


- 6Gb for 15 euros works until 31/05/2018.
- After 31/05/2018 the rate will be 3GB for 15 Euros




4G Internet is nowadays the most progressive and the fastest communication technology. 4G Internet will give you an opportunity to realize an instant search in global network and is able to keep the speed up to 50 Mb/s.


- Pay As You Go - PayG
- Includes 36GB for 30 days of 4G Internet’s use in Spain and all Europe

- Browse in European Union and Spain: 6GB/30day

- Renew cost: 15€

- Free Activation;

- Calls in Spain 30 days after the last recharge all calls - Free, (0,00€ call setup fee)

- To use with: Smartphone, iPad, iPhone, USB modem, tablet, netbook or mifi
- To use this cards is necessary a ORANGE mobile or an unlock mobile phone.
- We ship worldwide, to your home, hotel or where you like


The tariff is updated every 30 days. If you need to add 6GB before 30 days, send SMS to number 1470 with text MAS GIGAS MUNDO 3GB


Sim valid 12 months from last recharge in Spain and 4 months in Europe

4 months in Europe (To prolong roaming after 4 months of use only in Europe, you need to visit Spain or order a new sim card)


Browse 4G internet in the following countries

SPAIN, Austria, Finland, Iceland, Martinique, Slovakia, Belgium, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Slovenia, Bulgaria, French, Guiana, Italy, Norway Sweden, Croatia, Germany, Latvia, Poland, United Kingdom, Cyprus, Greece, Liechtenstein, Portugal, Czech Republic, Guadeloupe, Lithuania, Reunion, Denmark, Guernsey, Luxembourg, Romania, Estonia, Hungary, Malta, San Marino


Incoming calls are accepted in all countries. Outgoing calls are possible only in the host country and in Spain. To communicate with each other - it is convenient to call between Orange Sim-cards.

With a 6GB rate for 15€ / month you can enjoy for 30 days internet in Europe and Spain

- 6GB to browse at maximum 4G-speed, from your smartphone, laptop or tablet . Once surpassed, browsing speed will drop to 16 kpbs/s.




- 30 days after the last recharge all calls - Free, (0,00€ call setup fee).
- After 30 days the calls within Orange Mundo costs 0,08€/min + 0,30€ call setup fee.
- 7 days after the last recharge all mobile or landline calls within Spain – Free + 0,18€ call setup fee.
- After 30 days the calls within Spain costs 0,08€/min + 0,30€ call setup fee.






Orange 4G coverage in Spain


We want you to enjoy all the benefits of 4G network, we focus on the highest quality of our network in cities with coverage.

Now we are at 87% of the Spanish population, including all provincial capitals and municipalities with more than 10,000 inhabitants.

And we continue to grow.

The objective of Orange is to ensure your experience 4G ensuring maximum speed both downstream and upstream.

Now, everything is faster with 4G.




The mobile internet access setting are installed automatically.


For manual settings:
APN: orangeworld
Login: orange
Password: orange


Deposit online-charging by credit card with 3D-Secure supporting via Orange web-site


The term of Sim-card validation is 6 months after the last refill.

Attention:you can check free the balance through * 111 # only 2 times a day.
Each additional balance checking via * 111 # is costed 0.18 €


This card is recommended for: Customers who need 4G-Internet in Spain and Europe


Note: We will register for you with your personal dates provided this SIM card. We need the ID card number or passport and date of birth in order to activate it.


We ship worldwide, to your home, hotel or where you like!

Sim-card is activated at the date you need!


With tracking and drop-off without signature. If you prefer delivery by UPS Extra with required signature, an additional cost will be applied, so please contact us before choosing this method. Whichever shipment choice you make, we will provide you with a link to track your package online.