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Fully 4G Unlimited Internet for Home in Spain

Service request: Fully 4G unlimited Internet, TIEKOM The cost of the first month: 164,90€ Monthly fee (Direct Debit Bank SEPA): 64,90€ Price Includes: Checkout, Wifi 4G Router (B315s-22) + sim cards, 30 days of internet Downloading speed: 30mb / s Upload speed: 1mb / s Movistar Network: Works on any territory of Spain It offers wireless access for: up to 32 devices. To connect unlimited Internet you need: Bank account of any European country (IBAN), passport or NIE, DNI. Without permanence: You can refuse at any time from the 4G Internet, for this it is enough to send the router back to us. If the router is not returned there is a cancellation fee of 89€